11075260_741897322596249_5654675895178506988_oEvent Coverage

SERT provides additional coverage to many large scale events on campus, including Orientation Week activities, Kinesiology Special Olympics, and Convocation. This service allows coordinators of events to have additional first aid coverage directly at the area of the event and provides the security knowing that people with first response qualifications and first aid supplies are there to help with minor and major incidents. SERT event teams carry an Automated External Defibrillator and first aid equipment including symptom relief medications such as Epinephrine, Ventolin, Aspirin, and Benadryl. Additionally, depending on the size and location of your event we may bring our tent so that your event attendees know where to receive medical attention.


If you would like to request SERT event coverage, please complete this form. A minimum of one month’s notice is appreciated when booking SERT for event coverage. Please email our Response Coordinator with any questions.